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Owners of historical properties face a dilemma. In order to preserve the character of an old building, any repair or restoration work needs to be carried out in a way that’s sympathetic to the methods and materials used in the period when it was built. However, finding experienced craftsmen with appropriate skills can be difficult and expensive.

In the case of listed buildings or other structures, there are legal constraints on the work that can be carried out and the local authority may dictate the techniques and materials to be used. This means that for projects involving work to listed buildings, you will have to employ workmen with appropriate skills and experience.

Why are buildings listed?

Buildings or groups of buildings of particular historical or architectural significance may be listed under the Government administered scheme. There are three levels of listing:

Over 90% of the country’s 375,000 listed buildings are Grade II listed and while the majority are houses, there are also offices, warehouses, schools, war memorials, ice houses and even telephone boxes.

Listed Building Consent

The rules for the three different categories of listing are complex, so it is advisable to consult the Local Authority’s Conservation Officer when planning any repairs or alterations to determine whether or not Listed Building Consent is required. If consent is granted, it may include conditions stipulating the techniques and the types of materials to be used, which will be enforced by the Conservation Officer.

HC Carpentry & Joinery

It is not always easy to find a carpenter who has the skills needed to work on a listed building. It goes beyond the ability to use the tools, techniques and materials which were employed when the building was constructed; it is about finding someone with an affinity with historical buildings and the experience to recreate the craftsmanship of earlier centuries.

Henry Cutts, owner of HC Carpentry and Joinery, has working as a carpenter for over 30 years, during which time he has built up considerable experience working on listed and historical buildings in Nottinghamshire and further afield.  From sash windows to staircases, fanlights to roof timbers, if it’s made from wood, Henry can repair, restore or replace it in an historically authentic manner.  The result will both preserve and enhance the property for the client and satisfy the demands of even the most stringent Conservation Officer.

HC Carpentry and Joinery can assist you at all stages of your project, from producing technical drawings and material specifications for the Listed Building Consent to signing off the project with the Conservation Officer on its completion.

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