New Roofs and Roofing Structures

A roof is one of the most important elements of any propertyand may fall into disrepair if it has not been correctly constructed or properly maintained. A roof which loses its weather protection will inevitably become structurally unsound over time. 

Roofs for New Properties

If you're building an extension, annexe, garage or outbuilding, you will require the skills of an experienced carpenter to create the structure of the new roof. It is essential that the roof is strong enough to carry its own weight as well as snow and is able to withstand wind loadings. In addition to a good design, the structure of a new roof should be constructed with craftsman made joints otherwise the roof could fail with devastating effects.

New roof timbers being installed in Keyworth

Most new roofs require building regulation approval and the council's Building Control officer will inspect its construction. If there are signs of poor workmanship, the work may not get approval and any problems would have to be rectified before further work was allowed. For your own peace of mind and to ensure a quality job, it is advisable to engage an experienced roofing carpenter who understands the details of the roof’s construction and will ensure it passes all inspections.

Exposed roof timbers

Re-Roofing and Replacement Roofs

While leaking roofs due to broken tiles or failed flashings are common and relatively easy to remedy, more serious problems can occur with damage to the structure of the roof itself. Insects such as woodworm or death watch beetle can attack the roof’s timbers, while dry or wet rot resulting from damp and poor roof ventilation can similarly undermine its structural integrity. In many cases, treating the infected areas is not sufficient and all the affected timbers have to be removed and replaced with sound wood.

Roofers at work

Both partial and full roof replacements require the knowledge of a skilled craftsman who understands not only how to support the roof during the work, but also how to return it to its original strength. Accurate workmanship, including properly constructed joints is essential if the roof is to perform well in the future.

Where a ridged roof’s covering is failing and there is no moisture barrier, the complete roof covering may have to be removed and reconstructed with the correct grade of roofing felt and new battens, before the original tiles or slates are replaced. If the new covering is different to the original, then building regulation approval may have to be sought.

Work to a flat roof at a house in Edwalton

Flat roof coverings have a life expectancy of 15-20 years before the waterproofing membrane shows signs of failure. If not properly maintained the decking structure may fail and a roofing contractor would be required to work through the different processes to ensure a sound roof.

H C Carpentry and Joinery

If you require assistance in carrying out repairs to your flat or ridge roof, contact H C Carpentry and Joinery. Henry Cutts has over 30 years experience in this type of work and is completely reliable. With his detailed knowledge of old and new buildings, plus being fully conversant with current building regulations and legislation, you can be sure that the refurbishment of your roof will last for many more years.

We are also experienced in constructing roofs for new buildings and co-ordinate our work with other contractors to ensure a high quality product.

Whatever your roofing needs, H C Carpentry and Joinery is always willing to discuss your project. We offer you the benefit of our knowledge and experience and can provide you with a free 'no obligation' estimate if requested. Call on .

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