Replacement Kitchen Worktops

The state of your worktops has a big impact on the overall look of a kitchen. If yours are worn or outdated, but you’re happy with the layout and general condition of your units, you could consider replacing the worktops alone. HC Carpentry & Joinery can install replacement worktops which will rejuvenate the look and prolong the life of your kitchen, without the major expense of having a completely new kitchen fitted.

replacement worktops at a house in Edwalton

Worktop Fitting

There’s a real art to fitting replacement worktops. At HC Carpentry & Joinery, we possess the skills, backed by years of experience, which ensure that our fitted worktops really fit. Seamless joins, matching grains and level work surfaces are the mark of the time-served craftsman, but we go beyond that to ensure that every stage of the process is undertaken in a timely manner and with the minimum of disruption. From measuring up at the start, to sweeping up at the end of the job, we know that our work isn’t finished until the client is completely satisfied.

Choosing The Right Worktop

There’s a huge range of materials, colours and styles to choose from, so you can pick new worktops to match the original design or regard it as an opportunity to update your kitchen with something contemporary.


Wooden worktops have an enduring appeal because they are hard wearing, natural looking and, provided they’re sourced carefully, environmentally friendly. With the wide range of varieties, grains and stains available, there are finishes suitable for every style of kitchen, from country cottage to contemporary.


The most cost-effective option for the budget conscious, laminate worktops have a number of appealing features beyond just their affordability. Laminates are durable, hygienic and easy to maintain, plus they come in an astonishing array of designs, colours and finishes, from classic stone and sparkle effects to vibrant solid colours.


Granite is very fashionable at the moment and offers a stylish and practical finish for kitchen work surfaces. It is also the most expensive material, so it’s rare for people to install replacement worktops in granite, opting instead for a complete new kitchen.

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