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There are numerous outlets selling mass produced fence panels, posts and gates at budget prices. But do they really offer the quality and choice of design that you demand? Or do you end up with an unhappy compromise? There is an alternative.  Employ a specialist craftsman and you’ll not only enjoy superior quality products which are custom made for you, but benefit from his experience and advice as to what type and style of gate or fence would best meet your needs.

New wooden picket gates for a house in Edwalton


Fencing can be used as a marker to define the boundaries of your property or to separate your garden into distinct areas.

Boundary fences have a significant effect on the appearance and ambience of your property, both when viewed from your garden and from the street. With privacy and security both important considerations for a boundary fence, there is a place for the six foot high, closed-boarded fence. It might be relatively cheap and practical, but it’s certainly not a thing of beauty. However, with a little imagination and a slightly larger budget, it’s possible to have a craftsman made fence erected that is both secure and aesthetically pleasing.

Custom design garden fence surrounding a pond in Wilford

In addition to defining boundaries, fences are a way to divide off different parts of your garden:


As with fences, gates have an important role to play both at the entrance and within a property.

Entrance gates are an indicator of the pride the owner takes in the appearance of their property and whether visitors are welcome.  A solid six foot high gate can signify 'keep out' without the need for an accompanying notice. However, with some thought about design the same gateway can be made attractive and welcoming, while still providing the required level of security.

New wood drive gates in Wilford

In the case of gates which provide access within your property, for example between different areas of garden, the emphasis can be on visual appeal rather than security.  An attractive gate at the end of a path or set in a wall draws the eye and adds a hint mystery to a garden.

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